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Here at Whipping-Films.com we are always looking for aspiring models to put into our videos.

We are currently looking for models / aspiring actresses to star in our punishment videos, there are a number of different videos on the agenda to be produced. So we are looking for a variety of different girls/body types. Experience is not required, but at the very least a desire to participate in bondage activities is recommended. These are real spanking productions, and if you choose to model with us you will be spanked or whipped on camera we do not fake any of these videos they are real.
We are primarily looking for 18-35 year old Attractive Height weight proportionate females.

These are legitimate photo shoots and there will be multiple people present during filming for photography and support. You may bring preapproved guests with you for your shoot as long as everyone understands what is being filmed here. These are BDSM shoots these are not pornographic sex videos we are shooting here. There is no sex in our videos.
Signed Model release form is required, Payment is always negotiable depending on what you have to offer us.
All activities will be discussed beforehand and laid out in the film contract.

If you are interested in working with whipping-films.com please click the contact us button and submit your preliminary information. We will require photos at some point prior to arranging a working agreement so please have them ready Thank You for your interest in working with Whipping-films.com
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